We are proud to offer “state-of-the-art” HARD WAX, which is easier on the skin than ordinary “strip” wax. The hard wax requires a special technique that native Brazilians do best. This type of wax is not one of the cheapest to get in the U.S., but its quality of attaching only to the hair and not to the skin makes the process less painful and easier.

Our professionalism, cleanliness and the expertise of our technicians make Bella Brazil the perfect place for your Brazilian Wax. We provide a comfortable, private, relaxing atmosphere.

Our Estheticians always wear gloves, there is no double dipping and our WAX IS NOT REUSABLE.


Brazilian Wax $55.00
Brow Design $25.00
Chin Wax $15.00
Lip Wax $15.00
Face (sides) Wax $18.00
Full Face (eyebrow, chin, lip & sides) $69.00
Underarm Wax $23.00
Bikini Wax $39.00
Upper Leg Wax $38.00
½ Arm Wax $35.00
Full Arm Wax $45.00
Lower Leg Wax $38.00
Full Leg Wax $55.00
Men’s Back & Shoulders $59.00
Men’s Chest & Stomach $59.00


½ Leg Wax & Bikini Wax $70.00
½ Leg Wax & Brazilian Wax $89.00
Full Leg Wax & Bikini Wax $89.00
Full Leg Wax & Brazilian Wax $104.00
Body Wax I
(Includes Underarm, Bikini Wax & Full Leg)
Body Wax II
(Includes Underarm, Brazilian Wax & Full Leg)

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