Air Brush Tanning

Fast, Safe & Natural

Our 100% Natural Body Bronzing is a custom Airbrush Tan that provides a healthy glow of a suntan without the danger of sun exposure or harsh chemicals. The SunFX Spray Tan will leave you looking your absolute best.

Full Body Tanning – $49

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SunFX Tanning System Work?

  • Prior to receiving your SunFX spray-on tan we recommend you cleanse and exfoliate your entire body
  • Do not apply body moisturize, oils, make-up, do not use deodorant or perfume
  • Depilate your skin before the treatment
  • Please wear clothes suitable for the SunFX Pro treatment, e.g. bikini for women and dark shorts/boxers for men
  • Immediately after the treatment you will have a tan, please do not shower at least for 5 hours after the treatment and avoid heavy sweating.
  • You should wear dark clothes. The tan keeps developing for the following 24h.

The result is a tan without any streaks, uniform, harmless to your health, beautiful, sexy and lasting for 5-8 days.

What Should I do after my tan been applied?

The Sunfx tan will start to develop straight away. For the best possible results, you should avoid the following within the first  2-5 hours:
  • Water
  • Saunas / spas
  • Physical exercise / sweating
  • Swimming
  • Tight fitting clothing

Is SunFX safe to use?

Our exclusive SunFx Solution is regarded the world over as one of the finest. The unique combination of mineral salt bronzers and the approved cosmetic tanning agent DHA produce a truly remarkable instant tanning result. Our product is unique and clients can be assured that it contains no alcohol, oils, perfumes, parabens or artificial preservatives.

How long will my SunFx tan Last?

You can expect your SunFX tan to last for up to 5 to 7 days depending upon your skin type and preparation. Regular Moisturizing & Oils will extend the tan’s life.

How good are the SunFX results?

SunFX , on nearly all skin types, provide an impressive and natural looking tan. In fact in many instances, the result can be superior to sun and solarium exposure.

Do I still need to apply a Sunscreen?

Yes you do. The SunFX spray-on tan does not provide any sun protection and it does not contain a sunscreen. Please make sure to apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn when outdoors.

 We are looking forward to your visit!

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