“You get more for what you pay for!!! Reasonable, it’s what I expect to pay but what I love about my girl Adri is that you tell her what you want and she exceeds your expectations. She’s also very informative and helpful. I love this place!!!! Thumbs up to Adri!!!”

Monica A.

El Cajon, CA 5/26/2010

“Adri is extremely professional and has a way of making you feel comfortable and at ease. I absolutely love her Blue Hard Wax, that doesn’t hurt when getting you Bikini waxed. She takes her time and does a very thorough job. I highly recommend Bella Brazil to anyone looking for waxing services.”

Melissa T.

San Diego, CA 4/9/2010

Bella Brazil is the best place to get a Brazilian waxing in San Diego! Adri is awesome! She is very professional and makes you feel comfortable during all the process.  I lost count how many times I have been there, after thinking I could never ever handle a total waxing!!!”

Elizabeth D.

Chula Vista, CA 3/8/2010

“I love this place!!! Adri chatted with me the whole time that the waxing time flew by…I didn’t realize  she was done until she said it! Thanks for the painless HARD WAX 😉 I’ll be back for sure. She is extremely accommodating and friendly and DO NOT RUSH..She take her time and do a very thorough job!!!!!!!!!!”

Juliana M.

San Diego, CA 2/3/2010

“I love it…Love. Love!  The Bella Brazil Spa is a cute and clean place. The owner is very professional, friendly and great at accommodating you and makes the whole process very fast and easy. I love the kind of wax that she uses to do the Brazilian wax, it doesn’t hurt and no irritation in my skin at all… The facial cleaner also is amazing. The best one I already did. After the procedure your skin looks and feels great and super clean. Definitely is a place you should try it…it’s affordable and the location is great and easy to parking.”


San Diego, CA 2/2/2010

“I’ve been seeing Adri for about 2 years now. Located on 1761 GARNET AVE, SAN DIEGO this place is easy to miss if you’re not looking for it. You walk-in to Bella Brazil and are immediately greeted by relaxing music. Adri has an assortment of skin care products that she sells from all products that she has personal experience with and recommends. Adri always makes me feel super comfortable and relaxed for a not so fun Brazilian wax! You really can’t beat that. Like I said she’s always so professional. Flexible with her scheduling. It’s always nice to find a professional place like this at a reasonable price!”

Kissilla S.

Spring Valley, CA 2/2/2010

“Adri is AMAZING.  She is incredibly friendly and made me feel completely comfortable during my first brazilian wax.  The price is relatively cheap, but the service and environment are extremely professional.  The hard wax is nice, too, since I understand it hurts less, and I can use all the help I can get with the pain! Can’t compliment Adri enough – I’m just so happy with her work and the overall experience!”

Diana K.

San Diego, CA 12/10/2009

“Adri at Bella Brazil is the best! I have been going to her for over 5 years!  She is always professional and always does a good job! I have never been to someone that is so quick and accurate.  What I love the most about Adri is that she makes you feel comfortable in an un-comfortable situation. I recently had to move to Orange County but I try to make my way back to San Diego and see her as often as possible.  Trust me finding someone like Adri in Orange County is impossible.  She is definitely one of a kind. I highly recommend her!!!”

Leticia C.

Chula Vista, CA 10/7/2009

“I would have to say that this was the best brazilian I have had… It was quick and easy Adri made me feel very comfortable with her…. And that blue hard wax is the best… It was less painful than the normal wax and I didn’t hurt after I was all done, or feel like I had wax everywhere…. I would highly recommend this place.”

Sarah S.

San Diego, CA 9/23/2009

“I have been to many different salons in the San Diego area and I find that Adri is extremely professional and wonderful at what she does! I enjoy the size of the salon and that it is so personal. She uses Hard Wax, this is truly awesome because it removes the hair without taking away delicate skin. I would recommend Bella Brazil to my most picky and pampered girlfriends.”

Ashley T.

San Diego, CA 9/21/2009

“I was visiting San Diego so I only stopped in once, but I’ve been to quite a number of brazilian places. I think this was one of the best. The woman who does the waxes is incredibly thorough and does a very clean job.”

Vera C.

San Francisco, CA 7/22/2008

“Initially I was so nervous before going to have a Brazilian Wax done. Adri made me feel extremely comfortably and relaxed throughout the entire procedure. I was more than satisfied. I found myself in a relaxing and clean environment, her place is sooo cute that we felt at home right away! . I highly recommend this place to all the women looking for a professional, clean, and friendly place to get waxed. I will definitely go back!!=)”

Tricia M.

San Diego, CA 3/12/2009

“I am a waxing weenie (zero pain tolerance) and I will definitely come here again (I previously had sworn waxing off forever).  I picked this place because I specifically wanted to try the hard wax because it was supposedly less painful and quicker.  I got a Brazilian with hard wax and it was 9 times less painful than the strips and quicker because you can cover a bigger area in my opinion.  The waxer is thorough, caring, gentle, and considerate – all things you look for when someone is ripping hair from your nether regions.  The place is a little hard to find as it’s in a set of bungalows set back off the street but other than that I can’t complain. Happy Waxing!”

Renee S.

"Food is my Skinny Frenemy" Raleigh, NC

“Whenever I want a professional brazilian wax, I come here! I have been getting brazilian waxing done for nearly 10 years, and can easily say that this is the best place by far. Clean, affordable, professional, friendly, you will feel very comfortable here and leave happy!”

Rose M.

San Diego, CA 8/12/2008

“I was really pleased with my experience at Bella Brazil …especially as a first-timer going for a Brazilian!…I didn’t realize she was done until she said it! Thanks for the painless HARD WAX! I’ll be back! She is extremely accommodating and friendly AND do not rush…She take her time and do a very thorough job…”

Sarah J.

San Diego, CA 4/7/2008

“I had never had a leg wax before. It was so great, that I got a whole package while I was there! I have had a wonderful experience at Bella Brazil, and recommend it very highly!”


San Diego, CA

“I was worried when I moved here from Texas that I was going to have trouble finding a new esthetician. Adri was heaven sent! She really showed that she cared about my needs and was so gentle making my Brazilian experience the smoothest one I have ever had. Adri is professional and very knowledgeable yet she gets down on your level to make you feel relaxed and comfortable.”


Pacific Beach, CA

“You were great….very professional and took good care of me, considering how nervous I was to have it done for the first time. Thank you!”

Dane Bryant

San Diego, CA

“Adri is great! I was a first-timer for a Brazilian wax and she made me feel very comfortable and explained what she was doing step by step and the results were great!”


Santee, CA

“Bella Brazil is a cute, clean, and quaint salon in P.B. I loved my experience from the greeting, to the scents, to the traditional Brazilian Bossa Nova music, down to the massage which accompanied my facial. I have had facials and waxing done at many salons in San Diego, and I have finally found an esthetician who is not only friendly and professional, but really good at what she does! I would recommend Bella Brazil to my most picky and pampered girlfriends.”

Jessica H.

San Diego, CA

“Hi Adri! Thanks for checking in with me…I love the results!”



“I don’t want anyone else doing my facials or waxes, I trust you and I’m not settling for anyone else. Thanks!”

Laura S.

San Diego, CA

“I have been going to Bella Brazil for 4 years and have never had a bad experience. I have been to other places for brazilians and they dont even compare to Adri. She is the sweetest and makes you feel comfortable. She does an excellent job. Never leaves any strays!”

Edie D

San Diego, CA 7/8/2010

“I absolutely loved the facial and Brazilian wax. Great Service. I will recommend to all of my friends.”

Andrea Patressi

Pacific Beach Resident

“Hi Adri, I am loving the products I bought! Thanks!”

Carly M.

La Jolla, CA

“You are a life saver! I was devastated when I realized on my way to the beach I was a mess! tsk tsk. I know. Thank God you were right there!”

Nicolette S.

Visiting from New York