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Air Brush Tanning

Fast, Safe & Natural Our 100% Natural Body Bronzing is a custom Airbrush Tan that provides a healthy glow of a suntan without the danger of sun exposure or harsh chemicals. The SunFX Spray Tan will leave you looking your absolute best. Full Body Tanning – $49 Book Now   View Us on Yelp  

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We are proud to offer “state-of-the-art” HARD WAX, which is easier on the skin than ordinary “strip” wax. The hard wax requires a special technique that native Brazilians do best. This type of wax is not one of the cheapest to get in the U.S., but its quality of attaching only to the hair and

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Skin Care

Our peels are an efficient way to exfoliate your skin. They will give you a smother, fresh-looking complexion and also helps control breakouts and produces new collagen. Should be done in a series of six treatments for best results. 4 Layer Signature Facelift (30% Vitamin C/ Enzyme Solution) It provides incredible uplifting results for aging,

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